Ask Scarlet: To All The Visioneers

The first question asked on the Ask Scarlet blog is from one of our sweet and devoted followers, Scott.  He submitted the following question, “In this time, on this earth, in this creation, do we have a responsibility to try to change the earth or are we simply working on ourselves and inspiring the people around us miss Scarlet (Like our ancestors)  I know that working on ourselves and helping others around us in any way possible is also changing the world through the ripples of positivity.  I guess I mean are we supposed to be visionaries in changing the world?”


This is such a a beautiful question, and I think we can all feel that Scott is already sitting on the answer in his heart, I am also sure this reflection will then solidify that knowing in him even deeper.

I want to first set a platform of understanding so we can all arrive on the same page.  Everyone on this earth has one significant job, always.  That is to raise their awareness to the level where they have fully mastered the secret to life, and cultivated a strong and firm knowing of who they are and why they are here.  This path generally begins with a person ‘healing’ past wounds.  I say ‘healing’ in quotation marks because there is nothing broken, or wrong with any human, there is nothing to be healed ever.   There may be times in your past or instances that you choose to see as painful, but the truth is that everything that has happened to you in the past was a moment in time that was there to test your strength, so that you would have the teachings on how strong you are, how abundant you are and how limitless you are.  This isn’t you broken, this is you growing and evolving.

Our souls are here to evolve, to evolve we must go through challenges, during these challenges if we choose to adopt the view point that outside instances ‘hurt’ us or we hold onto internal feelings of drama or pain, then that is us allowing our minds to focus negatively on a circumstance, rather then seeing it as a growth opportunity and taking power and learning away from any perceived instance in our life.  So why do we perceive certain happenings as painful or bad?  Judgement.

Allowing ourselves to judge a circumstance is what makes it either good or bad, but if we know that judgement is a choice, then we will also know that we can choose to stay neutral, see a circumstance in our life as a growth opportunity and move on once it has passed feeling stronger, more able and more expanded in our current awareness.

You see, we have complete control over the design of our entire life.  Our sub-conscious mind is the link between you and the infinite.  What ever is planted in our sub-conscious mind is what plays out as our current life.  How does the sub-conscious mind know what to plan for us?  It’s from the seeds of what ever we think all day long.  So if we think about negative thoughts, how much we don’t like ourselves and how irritated we are at everything, then this is what is going to play out in our reality.

If we choose to stop every negative thought before it finishes and then correct it with a positive thought, then this will be our reality.  Many of us have to re-train our minds to stay positive, and see the good in every situation, that’s ok.  Practice makes perfect and practicing designing your life is the most fun one could ever have!


Jim just got broken up with, he misses his x and runs through the times he loved the most, filling his body with pain over the loss of her.  Mental thoughts sounding like, “I miss her, I am lonely, I screwed up, I’ll NEVER meet anyone like her again.”  These internal statements fills Jim with horrible heart pain, a feeling of lack, and a feeling of hopelessness.  This then creates more of that in our reality.  Instead, he could affirm the following statement on a twice daily basis and build a bridge from the current inner state of pain to a state of abundance, empowerment and positivity.  Example is, “I learned so much from my x, I am so grateful to have had the chance to love.  I have an open heart, I feel my perfect partner by my side, my life is filled with opportunity.”

This creates abundance, empowerment and positivity, and affirming this twice daily will implant the mind with abundance and remove the inner state of pain; fake it until you make it and you WILL make if you commit to changing your thoughts as often as you can catch them.

Why did Jim even feel such a deep seated pain in the first place?  Because he created a reality that says, “Every girlfriend I have must stay with me until I let her go in my own time and for my own reasons.  If she leaves me for any reason before I am ready, this equals pain for me.”  This is a judgement, and one that Jim magically created for himself, therefor awakening pain for him when he perceives a relationship ending as a ‘bad’ thing.  If Jim had no judgements, then he would take everything as an opportunity for growth, and you can set this up in your mind right now.  Set up the KNOWING that everything that happens around you is for you, so you can grow, evolve and raise your awareness.  Nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you.

Once we know we are here to create an inner state of positivity, abundance, and the knowing that we are god’s form of highest creation, then we can tap into the highest state of awareness, one that resonates with the fact that everything that is happening to us is of our own creation, and therefor we can change everything around us by changing our thoughts.  We see everything that happens in our life as something that’s happening for us, and not to us.  We see every challenge as a growth opportunity and every turbulence as a testament to how strong we are.

Once we do that, we resonate at a certain vibration, and that vibration changes the very world around us.  It inspires those around us to resonate with us, and lift themselves up, which then inspires more and more peoples, until one day every being on the planet is operating at this frequency, and in this frequency my dear Scott, there is no problems on this earth.  There is nothing to ‘fix’ and there is nothing that is wrong.

This is the path to changing the world and this concept is indeed one of many visioneers on the planet right here right now, so I invite you to join us! Raise your awareness everyday, put as much time into yourself as you do your work.  See yourself as the creator to your own life and see your life uplifting and changing the lives of all those around you.  If you make yourself your greatest life’s work, there will be only beauty and abundance around you and this vibration will be unstoppable!  I can’t tell you what to do, but I can leave this out there for you to chew on and see if it indeed answers the question you sent me….sending blessings always,



PS  My new book that will be released in August, “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment” goes into this subject deeper, and allows you to submit daily practices into your life, so that you can then see, feel and know that you truly are designing the life you are living, and if you don’t like what you see you can change it!

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  1. Great message, great delivery. I am learning from your writing.

    Love Papa

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