What will it take for you to wake up?

There seems to be many layers to the human evolutionary states of awakening, as well as the knowledge that the wake-up state is not so black and white, meaning that many of us wake in stages slowly growing from point A to point B and so on….

However, we all have a burning desire inside of us to express ourselves, to show our shining bright light to the world and fully show up in this life, so what’s stopping you?  What is it going to take for you to walk across the bridge of fear and into the world of knowledge?  Is it going to take a massive life event like cancer to awaken you to your fullest potential?  Will you be able to study wisdom and awareness daily in order to construct yourself into your fullest potential with out a massive life event to scare you into a state of awakening?

The choice is truly ours, and just in that knowing, there is a moment of empowerment.  I was blessed to experience both paths to empowerment in this life, I came close to death and saw that edge, the one where I could leave this world and the ones I love, and I also learned how to strive from my current place of existence into a higher state of awareness which in turn has the side-effect of me being me, regardless of what others think and once you can step into that power you truly WILL become unstoppable.

The other beautiful awakening to remember and be kind to yourself over is that you’ll never be done growing, and you’ll never reach that end of the line where you have fully grown into all your meant to be, for once you reach that place you’ll look deeper with in and see yet another layer.  In order to be able to see the deeper layers you also must step into the layer just in front of you now, expanding into a deeper sense of awareness now, then growing yet again as the cycle continues to reflect your true essence int his world.

I write this note today as a symbol of what we all have the potential to become, which has a huge effect on this planet.  If we all turn our current focus into what we can become, and how we can share our gifts with this world while simultaneously serving other’s then the whole entirety of the world would experience such a shift most of us would wiggle with excitement.  There seems to be an extreme external world occurring, and most are choosing to focus on those events and also choosing to forget that what we focus on grows.

If the world is going through a massive shift in it of itself, that’s beautiful.  Change isn’t always pretty folks, but assisting change can be graceful and I encourage all those around me and beyond to begin to focus on inner growth for themselves, of the cultivating of their own minds to train themselves to focus on growth, self-development and then expressing one’s true essence.  If this were to be taught in schools we would have a very different external world on our hands.  That being said, it’s never to late.

Thoughts are things, they actually begin as an energetic expression in our mind and then come out into this world and take form.  If your mental dialogue resembles, ” I can’t stand what’s going on in this world, our president is an idiot,” then you yourself are feeding the very thing you want to go away.  Yet if you can choose to take a higher vibrational ground, and train your mind to acknowledge what is happening because it IS happening, then train your focus to stay on what you WANT to see happening in this world, then that will grow.  This is a very real and profound statement so I suggest you read it yet again.  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON WILL GROW.  YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THINGS AND WILL MANIFEST.  What are your thoughts daily?  Are you even aware of your thoughts or are your thinking paradigms just running around with out your awareness?

Train your mind, train yourself.  Become the person you knew you wanted to become when you were a child.  Treat yourself with a kindness fit for an infant and love all those around you because I have news for you folks, we are ALL in this together.  ALL OF US.

The most profound shift I received from a dream happened 2 years back before I was to fly to Germany and study with a teacher for a couple of weeks.  I had never been to Germany and my father’s side comes from Jewish heritage so I always had a tiny flare of anger around Germany seeing as that was where most of my ancestors were put to death.  I could feel this ancestral murder in my cells and it got activated the closer I got to my travel date.

I went to sleep before my trip and had a dream about Hitler.  He was wanting to downsize his living space and I was helping him move into a two-bedroom apartment from the massive mansion he used to live in, so there we stood boxes all around us unpacking things in his new apartment.  Getting rid of things that weren’t going to fit anymore and putting books on bookshelves.  As I was unpacking his boxes I found a box of self-help books and I began to read the titles.  “How to love yourself fully,”  “The art of dancing freely,”  “The joy in eternal acceptance,” and so on.  I turned and looked at him in his eyes and I said, “Hitler, these are beautiful books, are they helping you?”

“He turned and looked at me and said, “I am trying to be the best version of myself I can, I know I need help and I don’t want to hurt anyone, I always just feel like I am trying and I know I have a lot of work to do.”  My eyes swelled with tears as he expressed this so honestly right to my face and in my soul, I knew he was telling the truth.  I went over and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “you’ll get there Hitler, you will.  Your heart is pure I can feel it.”

I woke from this dream with a body filled with compassion, forgiveness, and love for Hitler.  I felt so close to him and so much love for him for he was being vulnerable and kind, and he was showing me his true essence which was LOVE.  I never felt any more animosity towards Germany or the German people and I was able to fully release all the pain from my ancestors passing the way they did.  I was able to feel the super power of forgiveness, and tap that deep into my heart so I could call on it at any time.  Forgiveness my friends is a superpower, compassion is a superpower and if you focus on growing these two aspects of yourself, you’ll be an unstoppable force in shifting this world.

So now, when I feel myself feeling feelings that are unkind towards our president, I call on compassion, I call on forgiveness and I sit in silence and send him my love, for he is the one who needs it most and if we all send him love, he would soften and see love himself.  If we all send him hatred and anger, we will only feed his hatred and anger.  When I look someone deep into

When I look someone deep into their eyes I see their soul and feel their soul which is even more profound.  It’s always made of nothing but pure love, and there is no room for the feeling of hatred once you have tapped into the feeling of love.  Try it!  If there is someone that you’re in conflict with or having a hard time understanding, take a moment to look them deep in their eyes and give them space and time to share their side of the story with you while you JUST listen.  You’re not trying to fix them, you’re not trying to change them, you’re merely feeling them.  It’s profound.

The choice is your’s, and think of your choice like this, what do you want your children to see you doing?  Do you want our children to witness you feeding the hate or feeling the love?  I choose love always, and I pray that your heart will expand in this way as well, for I know in my heart if you’re reading this, you too have the strength and power to forgive and love all those around you.  You have the profound strength to cultivate yourself into anyone you want to be, so what are you going to choose?  Will you make the choice yourself or will you wait until life forces you to make the choice?

Compassion and Love is a super power…Let’s show our children what that looks like.


On another note, I have been expressing myself fully and I have cultivated a gift to share with you all!  I wrote a book in line with the writing I have shared with you today called, “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment”

Which will be released SEPTEMBER 19TH!  I am inviting you to join my book launch party which will be happening online, that day!  Go to http://www.scarletravin.com and join our mailing list to stay tuned and enter yourself to win many prizes!  Many people are showing up to donate their gifts to you, for joining this party so you’ll be entering to win a free E-BOOK, free 90-minute coaching sessions and more!  So I invite you…To Follow the Medicine…



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  1. Love this sweetie. Very profound and inspiring. Love you so much❤️

    Sent from my iPhone Darlene Ravin 303-929-8877


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