Intuitive Coaching Sessions Now Available!


After 15 years of traveling and studying with an array of beautiful and wise teachers I know offer myself to you as an inspiration and guide to reaching your highest potential!

Many of us are aware the times are a changing, and we also can feel the pull that if we don’t express ourselves fully and open our hearts now, when will we?  Are you showing up as your full self in this life?  Are you receiving the income you desire?  Do you travel where ever you want to when ever you want to?  Are you pushing yourself into new stages of growth in order to achieve great success?  Do you have access to your life’s dream and your soul’s expression?  WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?  WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK?

I offer myself as a mirror to you, with my training in Matrix Energetics™️ and extensive study with Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill I have created a unique and inspiring way to guide you back to seeing yourself as God’s form of highest creation!

You see, inside of yourself you already have everything you need to create the success you always dreamed of having if you want millions in the bank you can get there.  If you want a beautiful house in a tropical land you can have it, if you want to awaken to how to fully love and cherish yourself you can obtain that state as well!

I went through many rough times in my life and my book that is launching September 19th will share with you more of the struggles and trials I have endured and what I found at the end of the path of pain was a great bright light that I realized was there the whole time, I just had to train my mind to be able to see it!  “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment” is the book I wrote explaining more about this process and with this book and private sessions with your’s truly you will be making an investment in yourself that will elevate you to the state where you realize your greatest gifts and begin to share them with the world!  Once you tap into this state, abundance just flows and flows and you’ll be wondering where it was this whole time!


It is a blessing for me to be able to hold this space for you and guide you through the pain that you may be feeling in your life, for the pain we feel in our body like anxiety, fear, betrayal, depression, anger, and sadness all have a perfect place and a message for us and as soon as we see these messages as a challenge to awaken and grow, we become UNSTOPPABLE!

If you have any questions or feel drawn to speak to me send me an email and put “Free 30-Minute Consult” in the subject line, we can then schedule a 30 minute consultation where you can share with me what your currently working on and I can show you the magic I employ to get you there!

“Each session with Scarlet brings awareness to emerging aspects of myself. Supported by her insight and genuine care, I carry forward a sense of empowerment to embrace the life I want to create”.  Karen Kopacz Brand Strategist & Designer


The above form is another avenue for you to submit an inquiry to me!  Also visit for more information about the book launch, intuitive coaching sessions and me!


“You can predict a persons future and divine his bank balance if you know two things; the books he reads and the people he associates with.”  Earl Nightingale

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