The COUNT DOWN has Begun!

In just 13 days you will have the opportunity to purchase a book that will change how you see this world and let you in on the biggest kept secret!

Unlike the many books you see on “positive thinking”, “Follow The Medicine” is more a guide on training your mind to see the positive in ANY situation. It’s all about seeing Life as happening FOR you, rather than TO you, and knowing there’s a take-away in everything that happens – if you know where and how to find it!

As Scarlet says, although we may have little or no control over many of the things that happen to us, we have UNLIMITED control over our PERCEPTION of and RELATIONSHIP to what happens. And learning to accept this truth and how to work with it may be the most priceless gift you give yourself.

And although she tells me her greatest mentors have been Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor, once you add in the influence of her own (sometimes shocking) life experiences and intuitive insights (Scarlet is also a gifted Intuitive Guide), the result is a teaching style all her own.


Want to stay informed on the Book Launch and how to get your copy on September 19th?  Click on the Picture below to join the newsletter and stay tuned!


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