Sonoma Strong…We Stand Together!

Ashes cover our county…As the Fires Rage around us…

The beautiful county of Sonoma and surrounding area have been burning in a fierce manner, and now the strength of our community is felt more then ever.  In this national disaster we have come together more strong, more connected and more aware of what truly matters then ever before.  This past week has been the most devastating and inspiring week of my entire life as I see truly how small we all are in comparison to the elements around us.  This insight can either make us cower, or make us rise like a Phoenix from the ashes TRULY KNOWING that what does not kill us DOES make us STRONGER!



NOW we have a choice…

We can either rest in the defeat or rise again knowing that every second we are on this planet able to take a breathe we have been blessed.  I now wake up saying thanks that I am alive, that my loved one’s are alive.  Giant catastrophes have the medicine to awaken us to what is truly important every moment, which is a GIANT blessing.

All this being said, there is a great looming sadness as the smoke clears and we awaken to what has truly happened all around us, it’s total devastation.  Homes lost, lives lost and despair has been fed.  That being seen, we MUST feel the loss, we MUST feel the pain and we MUST choose to either accept defeat or practice strengthening our will power and choose strength!  We can CHOOSE to be a Phoenix who rises from the ashes to become stronger from this tragedy, we grow our spirit and feed our hearts with the ashes the flames have created.  We take the broken down town the fire left us and we build an even greater city then no one has ever seen!  We chose connection to our fellow man around us and leave separation behind us in our rear view mirror.

CHOOSE strength, CHOOSE to step into your warrior spirit and enhance the lives of those around you, don’t shy from the pain of this loss, the pain must be felt and once felt you’ll have the power and strength to move through and create bigger and better lives for yourself and all those around you, this is our moment Sonoma, this is our time to shine.

We bow deeply for all the lives lost, we pray for their families on a second to second basis, their loss is our loss for we are not separate, in this connection we find more strength and more will power to keep moving forward feeling the motivation to rebuild for those who lost everything, we come together to gift them with an even better home, and even more love and support growing on a second to second basis.


Will power is a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets...


Now it’s time to give thanks, please take a moment to give thanks for what you have right now, because in one second it could all be gone.  Send love and blessings to all the lives lost in this tragedy that is still blazing, pray for the families that lost everything to find strength to rebuild…Pray for spirit of the Phoenix to enter into this county and rebuild our homes…




This photo was captured monday afternoon, In a state of shock I gathered my cat and went to make sure my horse was ok, she was physcially ok, but internally knew she wasn’t quite safe.  She made an effort to jump out of her pen in a state of panic, but luckily I was able to calm her into staying in her stall over night as the ashes thickened the air around us.


What is to come next is cultivating the strength to continue moving through, to care for myself in order to be able to serve the community around me.  I go through waves of shock hours of crying and moments of sheer strength and resolve.  It’s a coin toss as to what I’ll feel next but through this crazy moment I know this, I will not faulter in my positive attitude.  I will never let go of my faith and I certainly will never disconnet from my community.  It’s time to show up, brave the air around us and channel our will power to shower us with strength…


I wake each morning in a state pf prayer, where as before this tradegy hit, I used to ‘make time’ for prayer.  Now I am gifted with it being a part of every step I take as I see each breathe as a profound gift.  For some reason I was spared, and if the winds were to keep blowing monday morning toward the west I would have lost every thing too.


Blessings shower us now, as we awaken to what is truly important, to me this has been the biggest gift I have been given in this life, to KNOW TRULY what matters…I give thanks for this knowing.


#sonomastrong #sonomaproud

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