Ask Scarlet

Ask Scarlet is a way to interact releasing your personal inquiries to the world, where Scarlet can then respond to on a public platform.  You do not have to use your real name, but you do have to ask a true question that is pulling inside of you for an answer.

Scarlet has traveled and studied all over the world for the past 15 years and is now releasing her first book, “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment” Where one can take the compiled teachings and apply it to their daily life to enrich, inspire and expand the current life your living.

If your not living your dreams, then learn how here.  If you have wishes and desires, then state your goal and follow the path to achieving what ever it is you set your mind to.  Once your desire/goal is stated with a definite due date behind it, all it takes is your persistence and dedication to the fulfillment of that goal which will allow you to achieve anything it is you want in this life.

Any inspired question that you feel is holding you back, please email to and Scarlet will respond on her daily blog to the asked question.  Check out for free downloadable worksheets activating the power that is already inside of you, guiding you through practical daily protocol that will turn your goals into a reality.

Or you can submit your questions right here…



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