“I have been on an amazing journey since our last session.  Intense, Rich, and Transformational.  Considering safety and self image have unlocked a lot of old stuff.  At one point last Saturday I felt like I was being cleansed via suction in a swirling way from my tailbone.  This was after sensing an energy leak in my field and self-treating.  I’ve gained much clarity into the symptom of compulsion eating, drinking, smoking, shopping.  Seeking safety and being fully known and loved in that full knowing.  It’s like a convergence of the clues coming in for years – since I got sober I sense.  And last night, I was really me at a small dinner and I enjoyed myself so much – easily setting aside the intense self reflection for some light hearted pleasure. “

T.Y.  Psychologist






“A friend of mine purchased a Matrix Energetics session for me with Scarlet because she knew that 1. I really needed it and 2. a part of me tends to be avoidant and wary of things I can’t explain. I am so glad that she did! During the session, I felt deeply seen and known on a soul level. Although I have never met Scarlet in person, she identified, named and worked on patterns and truths that brought me to tears, to many moments of deep recognition of truth, clarity of purpose and to an easing of heavy, dark, felt-sense sensations within me. I felt warm, light and cleansed at the end of our session.  In the following weeks, an unbelievable series of synchronistic events revealed the degree to which I was surrounded by lies, deception, illusion and harmful people in my life. Although the truths were painful, it felt like Light and Truth swept though my life and did some major housecleaning, and that I had the inner resources to weather the storm. The healing session I had with Scarlet played a significant and integral role in the shift I was needing to make on a soul level. I am deeply grateful for it and highly recommend it.”

Yvette.  Psychologist





“My session with Scarlet came at a time in my life when I felt heavy and alone.  Most things in my life were being converted into proof that I did not have any meaningful purpose and I was not feeling connected in most of my relationships.  For 5 years now I have been practicing Zen meditation, implemented a non-inflammatory diet, have had many Cranial sacral sessions and am continuing to learn about new modes of healing.  All of these healing practices have greatly benefited my life and have decreased suffering caused by Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and progressive vision loss.

The Matrix Energetics sessions I have had with Scarlet have given me insight into core instances of trauma that have been causes of great suffering. The awareness and gentle release of some of these experiences have benefited me physically and mentally. As a Matrix Energetics practitioner   Scarlet is mindful, open-hearted, and most importantly, light and playful.  It was easy to talk to her and she took the time to thoroughly explain the practice before we began and she continually checks in with me. For those of us that have a feeling or idea that we hold all the information and wisdom within ourselves to make the changes that will allow us to radiate a brighter Light, I recommend having a conversation with Scarlet!

Much love to you all.”

Alejandro Urias, Teacher





“You have helped me and some of my good friends so much.  I’ve stopped smoking for good this year, I’m done with it and not in a bad way.  I’m so glad I smoked and so glad I stopped.  I’ve heard so many good things from the people I referred to you and I know you are a gifted healer.  I will be calling soon to get some more work started, but for now I feel great, have a love in my life and am getting so much healthier.”                             Mark T. Psychologist





“I still don’t know how it happened, or how she did it.  I live in Oregon, and Scarlet lives in northern California, and she looked inside of my body as though I was on an operating table.  She prepared me by asking me some questions about any issue or issues that I would like to work on in my life. This was done on the phone, and she

said she would call right back. My grand niece(who is 27) was visiting me at the time and Scarlet offered to do a session for her as well.  She asked Sarah the same questions, saying she would call us both back.

Scarlet had said that we might feel something.   So Sarah and I were sitting on two different couches trying to figure out what that meant.  We started chatting and we

started laughing, and we couldn’t stop either. I have not laughed that much in a long long time. So we tried to get it together, and get serious.  I told Sarah, as she was

going to get a session first, to lay down and try to relax. She lay down and started to relax, and said oooohh…she was feeling waves of energy in her mid section.

I too had a similar experience.  I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say, Scarlet told the both of us things about our lives that only we knew.

I would like Scarlet to explain the laughter to all of you, it was wonderful.

She is truly gifted”

Linda, Designer





“I had the honor to meet and work with Scarlet at a sacred retreat center in Ithaca, NY.  Each one of us in this world is inherently designed to thrive and shine in our own unique way-.Scarlet shines in serving other beings; whether it be preparing a meal full of love and intention, guiding words into asana, cleaning a toilet or channeling spirit.

My most poignant experience with Scarlet’s healing touch was after an incident of accidentally stabbing my left palm with the blade of a food processor.  The blade punctured my palm deeply leaving a gapping hole.  The doctors on sight said I needed stitches; I opted for zinc oxide, healing thoughts and not using my hand for some time.  The wound healed nicely but pain continued to persist.  Scarlet asked if she could help.  As we sat together my hand held by hers, some time passed and then I literally felt the trauma in my palm being pulled out.  Visually I suppose I can describe it as noodle being pulled from soup.  The pain was not only mitigated but completely absent.  I’ve much gratitude to know and have such a healer/friend in my life. “

Michael Graves, CMT





“I had the pleasure of performing live music during a yoga class taught by Scarlet, and it was a very deep experience for all present. Wonderful, warm hearted teacher!”

Billy White, Musician 





“Dear Scarlet,

As you know I have been dealing with cancer for  a number of years.  During my healing process I was fortunate enough to receive reiki treatment from you at Esalen. I want you to know that the reiki treatment that you gave me was an important component of my healing process.  The healing energy that was transferred into my body during the treatment that you gave to me  enabled my body to have the strength to continue  with my treatment and rid myself of this disease.  I now have no more symptoms of my cancer. Thank you for your part in my healing process.”


John Fitton, Psychologist





“Scarlet sees what the eyes can’t see and hears what the ears don’t hear. She held me in the most sacred manner while working on my heart during a Reiki session. She is a skilled and compassionate healer. Be prepared for deep conversations filled with love and light.”

Chris Holder, Naturopathic Physician 





“It seems that once in every great while a person is born with a gene sequence that is not customary and usual. In the case of Scarlet, there is no question to anyone that has seen her ride or communicate with horses that she is the one in the Y generation born with a horse gene as well a complete set of human genes.

Her communication rises above the use of her legs or verbal  commands. Yes -she seemingly can transmit her commands through her mind to the horses. Add this to her love, respect and unique riding abilities and you know you are in the presence of a gifted and great horsewoman.”

Martin, Business Investor





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